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We’re artists and creative craftsmen who love to create sophisticated strategies, innovative user experiences, and enduring brands.

the Astwood team

  • Karin Atkins - Financial Accountant

    After working in banking (I lost interest in that), I went travelling for a year before settling down and working for a member of Vicki’s family, that was a decade ago now! I have worked for Astwood for 6 years now and the rest is history.

    I like exotic cruises and festivals, two extremes in life, one of pure luxury and pampering and the other of uncivilised, ‘back to basics’ camping in the great outdoors! I dislike ‘small’ glasses of wine (being honest, what is the point?) and rainy days.

  • Salim Bhayat - Director

    I have been involved with creative communications since leaving school since, erm… the 80’s! I joined Astwood when I had hair in 2000! I know our creative team is always on the road to deliver and exceed creative expectations, just ask our clients. Having a degree in design, worked as a designer, taught design means you are always liaising with a creative, so how can you go wrong with your creative needs? I love the #creativeculture!

    I like being around positive people and positive change in all walks of life,
    and dislike a ‘can’t do attitude’!

  • Grace Homer - Account Manager

    I recently graduated from Plymouth University in 2015 with a First Class honours in Psychology (contrary to popular belief, psychology graduates can’t read minds). I’ve always had a passion for the interesting combination of psychology and business, particularly in marketing, thus I have chosen this career path!

    I’m a happy-go-lucky foodie that loves trying anything new, travelling, going for lunch, and festivals. I love to read and learn about new topics, and stay active. I don’t dislike much but I do have an unhealthy addiction to eBay.

  • Richard Sabatowski - Director

    I co-founded Astwood Design back in 1986 and along with my wife Vicky and co-managing director have steered the company to achieve an enviable reputation in the communications world. I relish my role in running the company, as everyday can bring new challenges and rewards.

    In between overseeing the smooth running of Astwood on a day to day basis my other obsessions are offshore sea fishing, following my team, Manchester United and cooking, all of which can bring their own delights or more often than not, frustrations!

  • Victoria Sabatowski - Director

    After training at drama school and a VERY short acting career, I co-founded Astwood Design in 1986 which grew and established itself well. I still find my skills as an actress come in handy when receiving a multitude of sales calls!

    I love people who make me laugh and it has to be one of the most important characteristics in a person. I dislike my husband’s favourite past time…deep sea fishing! (I’m a very good actress when it comes to that)

  • Paul Burgess - Studio Manager

    I have been working here for 15 years, started at the very bottom and worked my way up through the ranks to become Studio Manager. During this time I have gained a huge amount of experience. I love being challenged and every day brings a host of new briefs which get the creative juices flowing, the heart rate pulsing and the grey hairs growing!

    I like Carrot Cake and Video Games, and dislike PCs/Windows (operating system, not actual windows), Powerpoint and unnecessary ‘hashtagging’.

  • Chris Pearce - Designer

    Hey! I joined Astwood in 2012 with a background in printing, but I’ve expanded into web design too…another string to my guitar (don’t have a bow!) I love seeing results and that’s a huge drive for me to see a project move through all its stages from concept through to the finished article. I am a complete social bug, and have to live my life a bit at a time. I run on a consistent diet of coffee, a lot of food and often very little sleep. In my spare time I’m either fixing up cars working on motorbikes, DIY or on the off chance, demolishing a drink with friends on the weekends!

    I have a big love for anything and everything Apple and an ‘occasionally unjustified’ but real hatred for everything PC. I like almost anything with an engine and therefore dislike cyclists on roads.

  • Jay Wheeler - Designer

    I have worked at Astwood for many years, worked on many projects and I am the master of many shortcuts yet I am a man of very few words.

  • Pete Lee - Designer

    After a brief stint as a carpenter, making houses and chairs out of wood. I now sit on a chair made of plastic and metal and design things on a computer.  To be fair, some of our work is printed on paper which is made from trees, so I guess it’s not too far away from carpentry…

    I like technology and video games and spend hours battling online with friends on very important missions. My PC at home is my own creation hence my dislike for Apple and its mission to re-brand existing technology as its own then charge the earth for it… and I’m forced to live on a 27inch iMac at work, its a hard life!

  • James Ashby - Designer

    I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for design I can tell you I don’t have a brief, but what I do have is a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a dream for people like you.

    On a more serious note, my likes: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” and I dislike plagiarism.

  • Charlie Bacon - Designer

    Fresh faced out of Uni, I graduated in 2014 with a First Class Hons Degree in graphic design. Straight out’a Wolverhampton (lil yamyam), my previous jobs gave me the title of ‘burger flippin queen’ (Burger King) and numerous TV debuts on Doctors. I love adventures, seeing new cities and want to travel the world one day! I love typography and editorial design, and enjoy making things look pretty (particularly when it involves princesses and fairies!)

    I have a real love for film, theatre, sweets and trainers, and I’m not a fan of spiders, girly girls and motorway journeys (ironic)!

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working with us

What is unique about working with us? It’s a question we ask ourselves with every project request.

Sure, we understand that consumer decisions are based on emotion, we’re committed to exploring new trends and have a knack for intuitive solutions. These are not small things. They’ve been cultivated from years of experiments, failures, learning and experience.

But why work with us? Because work should be fun. We become that extension of your team that you kind of want to invite to your next party.

if you do great work, you get great results!

The basic concept behind every project we take on is clear: do great work. It’s simply not enough to just get the job done, but instead we value each opportunity to drive our creativity, hone our strategy and bring something unique and amazing to our work.

Founded in 1985, Astwood Design is a talented team of designers, developers, copywriters and marketeers from all around the Midlands, brought together in the heart of Warwickshire in Bidford-on-Avon.