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The multi-award winning STEWART LEE’S COMEDY VEHICLE made a long awaited return to BBC TWO in Spring 2014. Production of the DVD to be released included the outer packaging, DVD designs, inner summary pamphlet and any promotional material for the DVD’s release.

“The mix of pathos and playfulness is heightened in a closing sequence where Lee puffs himself up only to puncture his ego and portrays himself as a burnt out performer, berated by his family who apply their own ‘dropped star’ rating to him.”

– The Independent

A Room With A Stew

“Astwood have designed Stewart Lee’s touring  campaigns for the last 7 years. Brilliantly innovative, efficient, budget sensitive with a wonderfully flexible and collaborative approach to design.”

“Astwood is a fantastic agency to work with and better than all those designers that they have in that London.”

– Sally Homer / Stewart Lee

“It has always been a pleasure to work with Astwood on producing the print and advertising for Stewart Lee’s shows.  Every new show required a brand new solution and I think that together we have created a great set of visuals – all different but always witty and eye-catching.  I’m very much looking forward to getting cracking on next year’s new show. “

– David Johnson

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