Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG)

Umbrella Brand, Marketing, Website, Future Work & Publications

The Problem

Astwood had previously worked with Parkway Green and Willow Park, they later merged to form a new umbrella brand to be named Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG). The logo had to reflect the two merging companies existing logos as the umbrella brand would be fed into each of the existing companies gradually to get current clients used to the change.

The Solution

We used the colours from the new subsidiary companies logos as the continuity to bridge the merger. The W icon forms the strong connection with the location of Wythenshawe, and the looseness of the execution reflects their friendly and approachable reputation of the company.

WCHG came to us for the full works from the new logo to publications, website and everything needed for the launch, and after! Everything was produced in time for the big launch and the brand has remained strong. The companies works have continued to evolve and develop over time, some of which are featured here.


This new website was required as a quick solution to providing a digital presence for the launch and the new umbrella company that would be WCHG branded and styled. From this new site, users could navigate to either of the two existing, now subsidiary companies websites with which they are already familiar.

We produce a wide range of publications for WCHG including the usual quarterly newsletters shown above, to their Annual Reports, VFM documents and any informative or commemorative pieces such as the community investment booklet and their 1 Year Anniversary special for Stakeholders.

“I have worked successfully with Astwood and Salim Bhayat for over 15 years, it’s a company that understands the client’s needs and always looks to provide value for money. They have covered a range of projects for us including design and print, newsletters, website work and leaflets.

Always been happy with the service provided.”

– Nigel Wilson

Village 135 Logo

One of WCHG’s housing developments aiming to provide independence, social opportunity and an enriching lifestyle in later life – a real alternative to the traditional care. Further to the logo, material was produced to promote the development.

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